Cantenna with Integrated SMC EZ Connect 802.11b USB Adapter SMC2662W, no Pigtail
This 802.11b antenna, pictured below, of the Waveguide antenna type implements the Cantenna design and integrates the SMC 2662W USB adapter. Its advantages are: Impetus
The objective is something simpler than the Pringle, Yagi-Uga, Patch and Cantenna designs, possibly without the pigtail, N connector and wire hookup. This design works - subject to the usual caveats on health, interference, security, law and looks. Its efficacy has not been proven scientifically. Empirically, through two internal and one external walls, the integrated antenna produces 90% signal strength where the plain SMC adapter gains a signal strength of some 30%, and a walk in the woods confirmed its usefulness.



Dismantle USB adapter and long L end of one antenna of adapter and stick 1.21" of it into hole drilled into can at Cholesterol marker. Attach adapter core with rubber bands and foam spacer to can and connect antenna stub to antenna end stuck in can.

Construction Step by Step

Since the SMC 2662W adapter has two antennas, one could attach two cantennas to the adapter, both going into the same direction or both in opposite directions from each other — would that make sense?
Since the SMC 2662W's antenna is integrated into the cantenna, it is easily maneuverable. Attach a USB cable to the adapter core and the digital controlling device (laptop, PC, smartphone, PDA etc.), and place the integrated cantenna into the best position. Use more rubber bands to attach the combo to a tripod.
The can does not have the ideal theoretical length of 59.4 cm.


1.Integrated SMC Cantenna 2.Integrated SMC Cantenna - top view 3.Integrated SMC Cantenna - top view 4.Integrated SMC Cantenna - construction notes

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