My Privacy Policy

Your privacy is your valuable asset, and I do not collect data from you nor disseminate it.

A page counter service, if I install one for this site, may collect and sort generic data on operating systems, day and time of visit, browsers, countries of origin and server but I don't plan to use that information. In any event, even if I tried, it would not reveal your individual user ID, screen name, user name or user password, and I don't care to have it.

Also, I do not set cookies. If the server over which I have no control should ask you for cookies, avoid accepting them! You may avoid cookies by setting your browser not to accept cookies or you may want to accept cookies only with your express permission after a warning.

I do not collect the information that browsers reveal, such as operating system, netcard address and more. We enourage users to demand from their browser makers options not to reveal any private data.

Also have a look at my license terms for the use of my software. It applies also to your visits to this site.

I have no control over privacy and other policies and cookies that govern sites linked to from here.

Links: No Endorsement When linking to a third-party site, you do so at your own risk and should review and determine if you agree to that site's terms and conditions of use before using such site. You also agree that I have no control over the content of any such sites and cannot assume any responsibility for material posted on or published by third-party sites. In addition, a link to another site does not imply that I endorse the site or the products or services referenced on such third party site. You may link to this site only for non-commercial purposes.

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