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Almost Every Day someone asks me about cookies which I detest like the next guy. I do not mind sending some information to companies I want something from. But I abhor the cookie concept that lets just about anyone snoop around my PC without invitation.

So, for my favorite browsers, I wrote a little tool to turn on and off cookies and cookie warnings. It uses the information from the Netscape 4 prefs.js file which an outside program cannot change while Netscape is active. Therefore, you need to make your selections before you start Netscape.

Buck Rocks' NS4 Cookie Set to the Rescue!

For Dummies
If you see the word Danger, click on it. It means that your settings allow cookies and you receive no warnings. When you click, your settings will be changed to disallow cookies.

For Advanced Dummies
Make your selections in the Accept and Warn Fields. You will receive color feedback. Yellow means the same as at an intersection: You might get hit, or you may be safe. Red means you are fairly unsafe.

For Smart Dummies
Click on the More button to see the settings of the prefs.js file that you influence. And you can monitor changes if Netscape is on.

For All
The first time around, the program will ask you to identify the prefs.js file that controls your Netscape settings. It is usually found in a folder such as c:\Program Files\Netscape\users\Hey that's me.

You do not need to use this program in order to change your settings. You can do it also within Netscape. Just look at the Edit/Preferences/Advanced menu options. You will have to use those if you did not make the changes in my program before you launched Netscape.

Check the License Agreement you need to accept for this program.

Uninstall the program by going to Start/Programs/Buck Rocks and selecting the Uninstall option.

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