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Some Days I want a quick overview of stock changes as they happen during the day. Finance.Yahoo.com and the MyYahoo news ticker give me that information (with an acceptable delay of at least 20 minutes) but not for a number of stocks on the same page in a graphical display.

My Plan was to display just my stocks' Yahoo charts for the day, updated with a frequency ranging up to 99 minutes, perhaps with some target price thrown in for good measure.

Buck Rocks' Stocks to the Rescue!

For Easy Use
Type a stock symbol, set a price, if you wish, and click on Plus to add a stock to the list. Same thing to remove a stock and its price. Below, set the refresh frequency, but remember: Charts are at least 20 minutes old. Click on "Look now" to open the list in your browser. You will also find a quick link to Finance.Yahoo.

Clean up
List too long? Instead of removing stocks manually with the Minus button, delete the html file in the program folder.

New Features in the 23N1 version include the ability to add a link to your broker and links to Finance.Yahoo's Dow and Nasdaq pages. There is also a way to view the raw data the software generates in case you find that interesting.

Skins Now Included New Mini-Chart-Browser in BuckRocks SuperStox gives you different views of individual charts and great access to Yahoo.Finance.com. At 100th the size of your standard browser, it's clearly faster.

Check the License Agreement you need to accept for this program. Check the Yahoo copyright for its limitations. Do not use the program commercially and for investments because the charts are at least 20 minutes old.

Uninstall from Start/Programs/Buck Rocks.

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