Download Clock 537 Kb
Download Small Clock 443 Kb

Tweety Made Me do it. This clock is more accurate than some others but only twice a day because it has no moving hands. The standard version covers three times the area of this little display.

If you Share my desire to hear bird sounds and love the looks of an old cuckoo clock but don't want the kind that falls off the wall, then

Buck Rocks' Clock to the Rescue!

For Easy Use
The clock opens with a cuckoo sound. Click on the usual locations to move and close the program. Double Click on the cuckoo for sound.

More Features in this version includes panels to click and open: a file box that lets you chose other sounds, web sites with clocks, web sites with sounds, and more. A good place for bird songs is Avisoft SASLab. It permits downloads in the wav format for non-commercial use and is the source of the sound shipped with the software. Another one is Black Forest Clock Shop where I found the design for the clock.

Check the License Agreement you need to accept for this program.

Uninstall from Start/Programs/Buck Rocks.

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