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In History Class I recalled a 1990 flier boasting AOL as the home of the Geoworks Forum and beckoning users to further explore the power of its great GUI. Geoworks Ensemble, which then powered AOL for PCs, is history, wiped out by Windows. And now, ancient history will mean cell phones limited to voice. Since about 1996, when users began swapping short text or SMS as brief email, the old cell phone couldn't hack it anymore.

Mailing from the PC to the phone was a bit complicated, with wireless service providers forcing us to their web sites to send mail through slow HTML forms. Fortunately, many now allow mail to phones through your SMTP server, just like any other email. I made my mailer open and run a bit faster than the leading garantuan mail hogs. So,

Buck Rocks' Mail4Fon to the Rescue!

For Easy Use
Enter your sender, addressee and SMTP server information after selecting Setup, write your text and click on Connect. That's it; if your settings are accurate, your SMTP server cooperates and you're connected to the internet, your mail should go out. The screen turns red if you exceed the maximum number of letters for SMS mail.

More Features in this version includes panels to click and open a status report box that may help you analyse problems or view the protocol exchanges between the program and your mail server. No need to go through the Setup every time; key information is retained between sessions. Your mail text is not saved.

Check the License Agreement you need to accept for this program.

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