face setup Face.exe can check 3 parameters which may be entered in a commmand line such as in the Windows Task Scheduler. No parameters are required unless the PING function is desired. If the server cannot be reached, it will warn: ring, change of eye color, change in position on screen. In this version, messaging to an SMS server or EMail server is disabled.
If the parameters are wrong or a firewall blocks the program's ping, a warning may result as if the parameters had been set properly.
If repeated or periodic pinging of a server is desired, use the program with a task scheduler. I use it to check on a web server and have an SMS send to my cell phone if the ping should fail.

The phone sound is tphone.wav--may be any wave file with that name.

The autoSMS.exe program is the messaging program, not automatically activated in this version. You can play with it to send SMS to an EMailable SMS server or short EMail to an EMail server. The Face.exe version with automatic messaging is available on request.

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