Download Buck Rocks NoSpam v.09 412Kb

Spam Robots Roam the internet to harvest EMail addresses. At the same time, more sites require us to state our addresses. A mailto address on a web page is an easy target. Did you know that browsers can read an address written in HTML instead of regular characters? And it may confuse address harvesters. For my anti-spam arsenal, I wrote a tool that converts a mail address (and more) to HTML code. So,

Buck Rocks' NoSpam to the Rescue!

For Easy Use
Type your email address into the upper window and hit convert. Then, paste the result to where the address is needed.

More Features let you convert your entire web page to keep others from copying your web code. Another option lets you create the basic setup of a web page through simple paste and click operations. Tool tip hints explain your options.

Check the License Agreement you need to accept for this program.

Uninstall from Start/Programs/Buck Rocks.

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