Darn, hear me now?

Download Buck Rocks CPUip 135Kb

IP Addresses, CPU Cycles: No big deal but sometimes it is useful to quickly access such information. Recently, I wanted to know how much CPU cycles I waste in daily life and how much I might be able to donate to www.distributed.net, a peer to peer research service. And then my brother needed to find his local IP addresses for various PCs in his house. So,

Buck Rocks' CPUip to the Rescue!

For Easy Use
Open the program. You will see the current CPU use as a percentage at the bottom. If your PC uses several CPUs, you might get a strange result or nothing. I don't know because my PC has only one processor and I cannot test the program on a multi-processor system. At the top, you find the last sequence of the local IP address. For instance, your router may give you an address like 192.168.1.xxx. The xxx-sequence is what this program displays, enough to distinguish the PCs in your house. As always, close the program with a click on the top right.

More Features let you move the program around: Just grab the top left and move it with your mouse. Floating hints explain the features.

Check the License Agreement you need to accept for this program.

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