Dang, hear me now?

Download jBookReader v. 0.8 (573 Kb)

Reading EBooks on the cell phone has me hooked on big classics. I wanted to see how I feel reading on a PC with a reader that offers some of the same features: Easy navigation and automatic access to last part read and marked, variable fonts, backgrounds and sizes, and separate display of the book meta data so carefully inserted by EBook makers. So,

Buck Rocks' jBookReader to the Rescue!

For Easy Use
Download HTML EBook from Gutenberg sites, open it with the file open menu and read.

More Features let you set a marker by simply clicking on text. The Marker menu item will automatically return to that spot, which happens to be helpful with web pages as well. When you reopen the program, it will automatically open the last book you read and display the spot you marked. Also, book information is displayed under Info - provided the EBook maker did not forget to include information on publisher, date, ISBN etc.

Check the License Agreement you need to accept for this program.

link to German American Law Journal